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O'Brien Funeral home is pleased to provide you with two Funeral Homes in New Jersey. Learn more about our Wall & Brick locations.
About Us
     About Our Funeral Home
          Our Heritage
          What Makes Us Unique?
          Our Staff
               Licensed Staff
               Non-Licensed Staff
          Our Facilities
          Our Affiliations
          Contact Us
          Connect With Us
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          Current Services
          Past Services
          Veterans Memorial Wall
          Fallen Heroes Wall
Our Services
     Burial or Graveside Services
          What is a Funeral?
          Our Burial Services
          How to Plan a Burial Service
          Traditional Funeral Services
          Frequently Asked Questions
     Cremation Services
          What is Cremation?
          Our Cremation Options
          Why Choose Cremation
          Cremation Information
          The Cremation Process
          Alternative Cremation Options
          Frequently Asked Questions
     Memorial Services
          What is a Memorial Service?
          Why a Memorial Service?
          Funerals vs. Memorial Service
          Frequently Asked Questions
     Specialty Funeral Services
          Veteran Services & Benefits
          Ash Scattering Services
          Memorialization Services
               Online Memorials
               Memorial Stationery
Funeral Planning
     How to Plan a Funeral
          Preparing For a Funeral Service
          How to Plan a Cremation Service
          Memorial Service Checklist
          Funeral Service Trends
     Funeral Pre-Planning
          Funeral Pre-Arrangement Process
          Funeral Pre-Planning Checklist
          Advance Directives
          Pre-Arrange Online
     Funeral Products
          Our Caskets Online
               Wooden Caskets
               Metal Caskets
               Stainless Steel
               Semi-Precious Metal
               Rental Caskets
          Cremation Urns
          Keepsakes & Memorial Jewelry
          Memorial Stationery
     Selecting Funeral Products
Grief & Guidance
     Grief Support
          Dealing with Death
          Grieving with Purpose
          Ending Denial and Finding Acceptance
          For Friends of the Bereaved
          When Grief Doesn't Ease
          When Grief is Unacknowledged
          What to Expect
               What to Expect Before the Funeral
               What to Expect During the Funeral
               What to Expect After the Funeral
          Funeral Etiquette
          Legal & Estate Guidance
               Legal Advice
               Estate Settlement
          Organ & Tissue Donation
          Writing a Eulogy and Obituary
               How to Write a Eulogy
               How to Write an Obituary
          Frequently Asked Questions
          Social Security Benefits
          Veterans Benefits
     Local Businesses
          Hotel Accommodations
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               From Wall
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          Flower Shops
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Proudly Serving the Community Since 1966.