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Funeral Pre-Planning Checklist

It may be a hard topic to discuss, but death is a part of life and thus it is something that is beneficial to prepare for.  Although  you  might  not  want  to  think  about  preplanning  your  funeral,  it’s  something  that  everyone  should  at  least  give  some  thought  to.  If  not  for  your  own  peace-of-mind,  then  for  the  well-being  of  those  you  leave  behind. 

Why  You  Should  Preplan  a  Funeral

Funeral  pre-planning  is  about  so  much  more  than  simply  recording  your  end-of-life  wishes.  It  ensures  your  loved  ones  know  how  you  want  to  be  honored  and  cared  for.  Rather  than  stressing  over  the  arrangement  process,  your  family  can  instead  focus  their  energy  on  comforting  one  another  and  preparing  to  say  goodbye.  You  can  even  work  with  them  to  plan  the  service  you  want  and  make  sure  that  they  will  have  everything  they  need  to  grieve. 

Still  not  convinced,  here  are  6  benefits  of  preplanning  your  funeral: 

  1. Communicate  your  wishes 
  2. Relieve  loved  ones  of  stress  in  the  immediate  days  after  your  passing 
  3. Save  money 
  4. Avoid  inflation  and  protect  the  cost  of  the  funeral  service 
  5. Show that you care 
  6. Prevent  your  family  from  facing  the  financial  responsibility

funeral pre-planning guide

Our  Funeral  Preplanning  Checklist 

In  an  effort  to  help  make  preplanning  your  funeral  easier,  we  have  developed  a  comprehensive  checklist  of  what’s  involved.  Below,  our  funeral  preplanning  checklist  outlines  each  of  the  steps  we  recommend  you  follow  as  you  work  through  the  prearrangement  process.  Think  of  this  checklist  as  your  funeral  preplanning  guide. 

As  always,  our  experienced  and  helpful  staff  will  be  by  your  side  throughout  the  entire  process.  Should  you  have  any  questions  about  preplanning  your  funeral,  please  do  not  hesitate  to  ask.  Once  you’ve  worked  through  the  preplanning  checklist,  we  invite  you  to  contact  us  to  finalize  your  arrangements.

We've put together this funeral pre-planning checklist to help you.

Taking Care of Finances and Property

  • Create a contact list of everyone who should be notified in a medical emergency or death including the name of your funeral home.

  • Give your executor(s) a copy of your will and the contact list.

  • Give your executor(s) a list of bank and investment accounts, creditors, mortgage or lien information, insurance policies, retirement plans, safe deposit boxes, real and personal properties of value and all related telephone numbers.

  • If you are receiving benefits from Social Security or the Veterans' Administration, your executor needs that information to suspend benefit payments.

  • Select someone you trust to deal with your online accounts: email, online memberships, and social media. Include all relevant information and whether or not they should delete, close, or keep any of the accounts.

Taking Care of Funeral-Related Details

We suggest the following:

  • Make note of all the details you want mentioned in your obituary. You could even take this one step further and write your own obituary.

  • State, in writing, your preferences for burial or cremation.

  • If burial is preferred, provide the details of the cemetery arrangements. If you have not purchased a burial plot, this is the time to do so.

  • If you have chosen burial, what type of casket would you like? Should it be made of wood, metal, or composite materials?

  • If you choose cremation, what do you want done with the ashes?

  • Would you like a traditional funeral, memorial service, or celebration-of-life?

  • If you'd like a celebration-of-life, what location would you suggest for this event?

  • What special activities would you prefer at a celebration-of-life?

  • What music or special readings would you prefer?

  • What type and colors of flowers would you prefer?

  • Would you like to select a charitable organization to receive donations in your name?

  • If you're a veteran, would you like to receive full military honors as part of your service? Would you like to be buried in the grounds of a veterans' cemetery?

Taking Care of Your Pets

If you share your life with animal companions, you should think about who you would like to take care of your pets. Consult with the person to see if this is something they are interested in doing for you and then write down your intentions and include all contact information. This should be signed and witnessed, and then given to your executor.

Final Tasks in Funeral Pre-Planning

In addition to your will, the contact list, and the list of all your online account login details and related documents should be provided to your executor.

Finally, you may want to consider paying ahead of time for your funeral choices. Speak to us about how your pre-payment monies will be handled.

Before You Leave

You will have the peace-of-mind knowing all the details are written down and there can be no mistaking your wishes. Preplanning your funeral can only benefit you and your family in the future. If you need help - we're here for you. Call us today at 732-449-6900.

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